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Gold Ball 2014: Cristiano Ronaldo gets clashed by Manuel Neuer

In his quest for the Gold Ball 2014, Manuel Neuer publicly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo.

The FIFA Gold Ball France Football race, awarded on January 12th in Zurich (Switzerland), is well launched. Already, the president of FIFA, Swiss Sepp Blatter, had defrayed the Chronicle when he had decided to publicly support the German porter: if Manuel Neuer does not win the Golden Ball this year, it is because the people who have decided are Blind. He was a champion of the world and was elected the best keeper in the world. You also have to be part of a great team to get the reward and be one of the best, both nationally and internationally. And Neuer has it all. What to please the German goalkeeper, who will not contradict the statements of Blatter. Know that according to Paul Pogba, Cristiano Ronaldo will be the winner of the Gold Ball 2014.
Moreover, always in the perspective of optimizing his chances, Manuel Neuer (among the favorites of the Gold Ball 2014) decided to make the bashing towards the big favorite: Cristiano Ronaldo, the holding of the title. “I am an athlete, not a brand ambassador, even though I am the first goalkeeper signed Adidas,” said Neuer about CR7. “I’m not a guy posing in underwear.” A small tackle that the player of Real Madrid, adept of the clichés in underpants, will appreciate for sure. Do you agree with Manuel Neuer?

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