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Cristiano Ronaldo makes 150 jonges in 1 minute!

The Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo once again attracted all the spotlight on him during a sponsorship event. The captain of the Portuguese selection succeeded 150 jonges in a minute!

Like the big clubs, Real Madrid has the chance to have dozens of sponsors who regularly invite their players into media events. Recently, a large part of the Merengue staff went to the Audi premises to lend themselves to small games. Two teams were formed, and Cristiano Ronaldo formed the red team with Chaudhari, Varan and Isco. Opposed to Karim Benzema in a competition of jonges, CR7 blew the record! The Frenchman was far from the account.
Cristiano Ronaldo made 150 jonges in one minute, and has still proved that he excelled in this kind of opposition. On the other hand, the international tricolor has struggled to chain the keys of bullets, and we can not tell you how many times Benz ‘ has succeeded of the jonges. The cameraman of the event had his goal pointed at the captain of the Portuguese selection throughout the contest. You don’t believe us? And well look at the video above to convince you of it. We would also have liked to know how many kilometers had travelled Sergio Ramos on his bike.  

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