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Cristiano Ronaldo gives Messi a terrible nickname!

While the two biggest players of the round ball are having a duel without thanks on the terrain, here is that Guillem Balague invites him on the public square … Discover the insulting nickname that Cristiano Ronaldo would book in Messi in the locker room!

Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo seem to respect each other off the land, but even a façade? Cristiano Ronaldo, become a legend for Perez, and the Pulga Leo Messi have always considered themselves as great rivals on the professional level, but until now we did not know what was the content of their relationship outside of the land … Now, thanks to the statements of the famous Spanish journalist Guillem Balague, one may think that this rivalry is far beyond the framework of football fields! Indeed, in his last book, Balague reveals the hidden face of the private relationship between the two biggest stars of the round ball … and visibly, the two prestige rivals do not appreciate as much as their public statements indicate. According to the Spanish journalist, Cristiano Ronaldo used to call Leo Messi by a nickname of the most vulgar: he would call him the “son of p ***”!

The internal behavior of Cristiano Ronaldo, the sportsman with 100 million fans, would therefore contrast with the respectful attitude that he lets appear in public! These revelations are quite startling, while Cristiano Ronaldo has just recently won his remote duel that pitted him against the Argentine during the victory of Real Madrid against FC Barcelona (3-1) … Guillem Balague, who had unveiled exclusively the transfer of Di Maria to Manchester United, dropped one last anecdote to prove the toxicity that exists between the two opposing clubs that are Real and Barca … It touches once again the Madrid locker room! Still according to the Spanish journalist, the teammates of the Portuguese star would tend to name the Argentine “the Little dog of Cristiano Ronaldo”.

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