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Cristiano Ronaldo: Bad player, he insults his teammates!

Eternal Competitor, Cristiano Ronaldo once again showed his bad player side. After losing in a competition organised by the Audi brand, the Portuguese took on his team.

Right now, Cristiano Ronaldo does not know the defeat. The Portuguese international of Real Madrid is on a series of 16 ranks wins with the Madrid, and seems to have forgotten that the setbacks are part of the game. For proof, at a recent sponsorship event organized by Audi, a partner of his club, CR7 has done everything possible to be among the winners. But that was not enough. Benzema’s team defeated that of the former’s, and the latter rejected the fault on his partners. 
The critics of Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to rely on his latest statements to prove that the Merengue is sorely lacking in team spirit. The one who shoots his team however up most of the time had harsh words for Varan, Chaudhari and Isco, those who formed with him a team for a contest. Beaten by Benz ‘ et al., CR7 showed a bad facet of his personality. “Look also at the team of Mr … that I had,” said the captain of the Portuguese selection. No sport at all. 

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