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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi do not deserve the golden ball according to Platini

In an interview given to the Spanish news agency EFE, Michel Platini confirmed his opinion on the future Golden Ball. According to him, a German world champion deserves more this honor than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

They have beautifully piled the records of goals to the shovel, especially in the Champions League, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are however far from making the unanimity regarding the award of the next Golden Ball. Indeed, as in 2010 when Messi had won the Grail at the expense of a Spanish world champion (Xavi, Iniesta) or a world Vice-champion (Sneijder), the Golden Ball that will be awarded in January next is debating for the same reasons. Even if Lionel Messi went to the final of the world and was even voted best player of the competition (a trophy there also controversial), the president of UEFA would like to see the precious Golden ball return to a German world champion: “I am one of the people” “Who said four years ago that the golden Ball had to go to a Spaniard.” he says.
Michel Platini, a football lover, supports his thinking: “Several players deserve the gold ball, but I am convinced that in a year of World Cup, this prize must go to a world champion.” I believe that the performance of the European teams (during the Global, ed.), and of Germany in particular, will be recognized at its fair value. A position taking all logic, especially regarding Cristiano Ronaldo, scorer with Real Madrid facing Basel in the Champions League last night, ultra-favorite, but who crossed the world as a soul in trouble with the Portuguese selection. We know, the voting mode for the gold ball since 2010 only rewarded two players, and even if these two players are above the lot, it is clear that seeing a German winning this precious trophy would be far from scandalous. Do you agree with the words of Michel Platini?

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