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Champions League 2015: Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cavani … The killers at the Rendezvous!

The 5th day of the Champions League hen phases ended yesterday and delivers an implacable statement: The scorers have responded as attested by the goals of Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Cavani and other Aguëro!

As you learned the editor ‘ sport of, Lionel Messi became the top scorer in the history of the Champions League, and how! The Argentine genius simply scored a treble in front of Nicosia, which is more of the right foot, propelling it leading the ranking of the best scorers of the most beautiful European competition with 74 goals. The Pulga is now ahead of Raúl (71 goals) but also … Cristiano Ronaldo, also scorer yesterday in front of FC Basel. The two masters of the world football are therefore blowing for a blow and constantly impress. But other standing attackers were able to draw their game pin this season in the Champions League.

The most surprising is undoubtedly Luiz Adriano. The attacker of Shakhtar Donetsk has 9 goals at his counter and charges Lionel Messi, scorer seven times. This season, competition is coming up rough. Karim Benzema, always brilliant in the Champions League, counts 5 goals, in the same way as Cavani, double scorer against Ajax, Sergio Aguëro, author of a treble against Bayern, and Jackson Martinez (Porto). Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo, top scorer of the competition on one season last year (17 goals) made his appearance in the ranking with 4 goals. For all that, the perfect course of Real Madrid and the game deployed by the men of Ancelotti should allow him to make his delay fairly quickly and to mingle thus in battle with his best enemy, Lionel Messi, who might well be the best player Of all time, just like Federer in tennis.

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