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Golden Ball 2014: Cristiano Ronaldo Platini Snob!

While he was going to get his medal for the winner of the Club World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo took care to avoid Michel Platini during the protocol salute. A deliberate act because of the UEFA president’s statements about the next Gold Ball 2014?

Here is a video that will probably go around the world and that should be heard for at least-the next three days … Little success in this World Cup of Clubs, won despite everything by Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo had managed to make him talk for his almost goal of the year. But here, today, after the final won against the Argentines of San Lorenzo, the Portuguese was noted for a completely different gesture (or non-gesture). Indeed, while he was going to fetch his medal of victory, Cristiano Ronaldo took care to avoid-during the salvation Protocaolaire-to shake the hand of Michel Platini. An act (deliberate?) which could be justified by the recent statements of the President of UEFA concerning the identity of the winner of the Gold Ball 2014.

During an interview with the Spanish news agency EFE, Michel Platini had stated that “several players deserve the gold ball, but I am convinced that in a year of World Cup, this prize must go to a world champion”. The UEFA boss was therefore openly part of Manuel Neuer, the only representative of Germany among the three finalists in the 2014 Gold ball. A statement criticized by Real Madrid via its President-Florentino Perez, who held to defend his player and who spoke with Michel Platini. “I was with him and I explained to him that the leaders of international organizations should not look to such or such.” “We don’t would service to football by not giving it to Cristiano Ronaldo this year.” Not sure that his gesture renders service to the Portuguese in his quest to his third Golden ball …

Update: Cristiano Ronaldo, during his first stint in order to recover his silver trophy, well shook the hand of Michel Platini. However, he would not have carried more interest than this and avoided “any visual contact”.

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