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Gold Ball 2014: Did Cristiano Ronaldo deserve to win?

You obviously followed him yesterday, the award ceremony of the Golden Ball 2014 gave his verdict. For the second time in a row, Cristiano Ronaldo took it away. Sacred before Manuel Neuer and Lionel Messi, did the Portuguese deserve to win? The editor gives you his opinion.

The ceremony of the Golden Ball 2014 was held yesterday in the late afternoon in Zurich. Many stars were present to celebrate the football world around this party. Year of World Cup obliges, the suspense was at the rendezvous. If Lionel Messi did not realize the expected season due to the fact, no doubt, of recurring injuries, Manuel Neuer has brought the German team to the final victory in Brazil. Is the victory of Cristiano Ronaldo surprising? In our opinion, as subjective as it is, No. The gold ball no longer rewards the year round but the individual stats. If the goalkeeper of Bayern Munich comes out of a remarkable season in the cages of his club and those of the Mannschaft, the Portuguese has achieved an extraordinary 2014 season. In spite of a poor World Cup.

Thirty-one goals in La Liga for 30 games, seventeen goals in the European Cup for 10 games played and eleven goals in 10 selections with his national team. Fifty-nine goals in 50 games played on the season 2013-2014, this is the exceptional review of Cristiano Ronaldo. A formidable attacker who has never stopped shaking the nets last season and who is visibly well off to do the same this year (already 31 goals in 23 games played only!). Individually, the Portuguese, “a good guy, nice” according to Benzema, was the best and even was sacred European gold shoe. If the most fussy will insist on the winners and the trophies won, Cristiano is not left out. Winner of the Champions League with Real Madrid, the famous Decima, CR7 finished top scorer of the competition but also of the Spanish championship. Two more individual rewards are added: Winner of the World Club and winner of the European Supercup. One year Dante that the exceptional stops of Manuel Neuer, yet revolutionary of the goalkeeper position, will not have made forget. In your opinion, did Portuguese deserve to win the Golden Ball?

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