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Gold Ball 2014: Cristiano Ronaldo winner!

Without surprise, Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Ball for the third time in his career. An expected reward despite the many supports made to Manuel Neuer.

It is not today that we will see a second goalkeeper winning the Golden Ball. It will not be this year that we’ll see a footballer other than Messi and Ronaldo being rewarded for the most prestigious individual title of the round Ball planet. And no! The verdict has finally fallen and the lucky winner is well Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese striker of Real Madrid. His poor world would not have been enough to take away all the merits acquired during the entire season. He received the trophy from the hands of Thierry Henry. Of course, the climax of this season was the famous Decima, the tenth title of the Champions League won by Real Madrid in May last year. An exercise in which Cristiano Ronaldo beat the record number of goals scored on a Champions league season.
We will also hold his lone rider in the lead of the Liga scorers during the 2013-2014 season, but also on this beginning of season 2014-2015. More than ever, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most prolific striker of the year, crossed on a cruise rhythm, in the image of the series of 22 consecutive victories that completed the year 2014 of Real Madrid, with the title of World Champion of the Clubs. This is the third time that Portuguese won the Golden Ball after 2008 and 2013, which made him the equal of Michel Platini or Marco Van Basten. He still remains at a golden ball of his Argentine rival Lionel Messi. Moreover, Messi, despite the hypotheses on his costume at the Golden Ball ceremony, finished second in this ranking, while Manuel Neuer occupies the lowest step of the podium. Does Cristiano Ronaldo deserve this golden ball this season according to you?

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