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Gold Ball 2014: Cristiano Ronaldo pushes a very strange cry

Last night in Zurich, Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his third Golden ball in a very original way. He dropped a scream that made a joke of some of the Kongresshaus, and millions of internet users.

“SIeuuuuuuu!”. Here’s what Cristiano Ronaldo would have shouted, just after making his speech, Golden Ball 2014 posed before him. Last night, in the Kongresshaus of Zurich (Switzerland), only a handful of guests, relatives of the Portuguese player, understood what it was all about. For the others, and the millions of Internet users who were following the award ceremony of the official FIFA website, this cry simply symbolizes an incredible joy of the Real Madrid Merengue winger. Here is the video of this celebration more than original. 
After thanking the voters for this “superb Evening”, CR7 released his biggest war cry, he who clinched the third gold ball of his career. In the room there was first a laugh, then a silence, which did not hinder the international Lusitanian however. The clenched fists and the serious mine, the former Manchester United star once again made the buzz on the canvas. The video above went around the Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout the evening yesterday. The 2014 edition of the Ballon d’or has its unusual fact, and has marked the history of the ceremonies of surrendering this grail. 

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