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FIFA 15: Kick-free shot of the scarf of Cristiano Ronaldo, the most beautiful goal?

Many goals are scored every day worldwide on FIFA 15 but this free kick from Cristiano Ronaldo can already be found in the pantheon of the most beautiful achievements.

In real life, Cristiano Ronaldo stacks the goals with real Madrid and defrays the Chronicle by beating records through his performances. It is not illogical to see his talent transposed virtually, especially in FIFA 15, which is one of the most commented topics on Facebook in 2014. But his abilities are so impressive that he even manages to score impressive goals in the game. This is how a player, in a match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, has entered a free-kick of all beauty, which you can discover below. The performance is such that it is not surprising to see the idle of the goal aired on YouTube and the latter spreads logically on the net at a crazy pace.

It is common knowledge that FIFA 15 has a degree of spectacularity (a parameter dear to Philippe Doucet, journalist on Canal Plus) above average. It is therefore not uncommon to see incredible goals in the matches but it must be admitted that this one is to be stored in the category of the most beautiful. So yes the wall prefers to turn the back rather than jump and yes the keeper has reflexes worthy of an asthmatic turtle but still, there is enough to be proud for a player to score a free kick in the scarf. This does not sound like a perfect free-kick explained in a tuto on FIFA 15 But the result is the same, but more impressive. Have you ever scored a goal on the free-kick scarf in the game?

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