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Eden Hazard: Transfer to Real Madrid, would that be a good idea?

Would it be a good thing to see Eden Hazard come and decorate the ranks of Real Madrid in the near future? The answer for the drafting of is categorical: No! Anyway, not now. Going to Real Madrid is a step that many players have difficulties to overcome but also to assume thereafter. Accustomed to the left wing, the Belgian offensive environment will not be able to fully express itself in the current strength of Real Madrid. What for? The fault, among other things, to the presence of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, present in the eleven type of UEFA 2014. Ever-present on the left, and it’s understandable, 31 goals scored for 22 games played since the beginning of the season, Portuguese leaves no room for competition. A competition that the Real Madrid coach has already tried to install by recruiting Gareth Bale at gold prices last year. A failure? Perhaps not, but a certain repositioning of the Welshman who no longer officiates as a left winger but as a right winger.

Then? What about Eden Hazard? In the event that he joined Real Madrid shortly after, the Belgian should take the place of one of the players already present in the eleven holder. If it cannot be positioned too low in the middle of the terrain, its place would certainly be offensive. With Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale in front of him, the Blue would have no choice but to push the Frenchman Benzema on the bench. Inconceivable at the present time. One, because Ronaldo is not the most fond of a precentre role (which would leave all the freedom to the old Lillois to occupy the left side) and two because our Frenchie realizes a rather good season for the moment and is, in the spirit of Carlo Ancelotti, an indisputable holder, perfect complement to the two arrows that surround him. With Mourinho’s arrival in Chelsea last year, and the club’s inordinate ambitions (we are talking more and more of a Blues interest for Lionel Messi), Eden Hazard, who will leave Chelsea according to Jose Mourinho, must continue to impose himself in this workforce and in Become the boss. With 11 goals in 28 games, we’re getting close. Do you think this transfer is a good idea?

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