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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: Who was the best in 2014? (Part 5: the winner)

At the end of the year, the two best football players in the world clash again: on the green field so who was the best in 2014? Ronaldo or Messi? Last part of this Christmas series: the name of the great winner.

2014 touches to its end, the time of the year’s balance sheets rang. Football friends, do not worry, this is also the case for your favorite sport. Between the Christmas celebrations and the celebration of the New Year, the drafting of has offered you to go back to details about the performances of the two best football players on the planet: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. On display with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, in the course for the gold Ball 2014, also wore high coats of arms of their respective selections on the occasion of the World Cup in Brazil. For the last part of our retrospective series.

Let us immediately end the suspense: The winner of the Duel Cristiano Ronaldo/Lionel Messi, organized by at this end of the year, is … Cristiano Ronaldo. The player of Real Madrid, on his launch of the Gold Ball 2013, has indeed flown over this year 2014 – realising perhaps in the passage his best season. Having been the main craftsman of the coronation of the Real in the Champions league allowed Ronaldo to register a little more in the legend of the Grand real Madrid. One can also add to this “Decima” a victory in the King’s Cup, umpteenth line on the formidable charts of CR7. In the end, it is nevertheless the maddening statistics of Cristiano Ronaldo who plead in his favour. Like a Lionel Messi during his “quadruple Ballon d’or” period, the Portuguese marked the spirits by scoring goals. 68, in total. Just that.
For his title of top scorer of La Liga in 2014, his trophies won with Real, his performances in selection, his stats stratospheric and despite a very large Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to be sacred to his rival Argentine. Even if nothing tells us as far as it will finish on the first march of the gold Ball 2014, the year realised by Cristiano Ronaldo foreshadows great prospects when the trophy is delivered next January. Distrust, however, with regard to the world Champion Manuel Neuer and the eternal Lionel Messi. 

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