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Cristiano Ronaldo vexed to be a replacement?

Non-tenure last night in Copa del Rey, for the eighth final go lost in front of Atlético Madrid (2-0), Cristiano Ronaldo visibly wanted to show his discontent to be on the bench.

Frustrated? Tired? We do not know what Cristiano Ronaldo had last night, before the beginning of the final round of the Copa del Rey against Atlético. In any case, Carlo Ancelotti preferred to keep his Portuguese star warm on the sidelines. CR7, however, made its appearance in the second period (replacing James Rodriguez), but this was not enough. The Merengue of Real Madrid conceded their second defeat of the season (2-0), and will have a lot of trouble to reverse the steam for qualifying the next round. The supporters of the title did not shine at the Vicente Calderon Stadium. 
Yesterday, the cameras of the stadium of Colchoneros have pointed their objective at the Comandante Cristiano a few minutes from the kickoff. Visibly disappointed by his status as a substitute, the double gold ball chose to leave the dressing room quickly at the announcement of the eleven holder. According to the journalists of the Spanish newspaper AS, CR7 did not want to shout at his partners, and decided to join the comfortable seats adjoining the lawn as soon as possible. The video above obviously turns into a loop in all the Spanish writings.

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