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Cristiano Ronaldo on top, Lacazette in front of Messi, the best scorers in Europe ignite!

The winter truce making its appearance, the time to make individual checkups has sounded. On the side of the scorers, Cristiano Ronaldo flies over the debates, while Lacazette continues to surprise, to the point of getting ahead of Leo Messi!

Would he have imagined appearing before Lionel Messi, Ibrahimovic, Aguëro and other Diego Costa midway in the ranking of the best scorers in Europe? Presumably, the answer is no. Alexandre Lacazette took advantage of the 19th day of Ligue 1 to register a double in the scathing victory of Lyon opposite Bordeaux (0-5) yesterday. The two achievements of the international Habs allow him to total 17 goals in Ligue 1, two more than Messi in La Liga! As a comparison, Neymar entered 11 and Benzema 8. But the undisputed and undeniable leader of this ranking is of course Cristiano Ronaldo, author of 25 goals in 14 league matches! A mind-blowing statistic that may well allow him to pick up the Golden Shoe at the end of the season. On the other hand, Ronaldo might have lost the golden ball by having snubbed Platini during the final of the World Cup of clubs …

On the side of the Premier League, Sergio Aguëro made a strong impression. With 14 goals in 15 matches, an average of 0.93 goals per game, the Argentine held out Manchester City arm, which released United on the 17th day of Premier League. But Diego Costa doesn’t have much to envy. In 13 encounters, the Chelsea striker scored 12 goals, benefiting from true Fabregas caviar. Surprisingly, a player slipped between the two attackers of the Premier League. This is the attacker of the Eintracht Frankfurt, Alexandre Meier, author of 13 goals and best Bundesliga scorer. The ranking of the best scorers in Europe at the truce raises several questions. If Cristiano Ronaldo is going to the Golden Shoe, will Lacazette resist a possible return to the foreground of Ibrahimovic? Who of Diego Costa or Agüero, or even Alexis Sanchez, will be the top League scorer? Answer at the end of the season!

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