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Cristiano Ronaldo misses the goal of the year!

Opposed to Cruz Azul in the semifinals of the World Club, the Real Madrid players have largely imposed 4 to 0, but Cristiano Ronaldo remained silent. Too bad, because one of his attempts would have marked the season.

The Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo often reserves his best technical gestures for training or for television shows. But recently, the man in the shape of Real Madrid decided to draw in his large palette to feast on the merengue supporters. At the semifinals of the World Club, opposite Cruz Azul, where the Madrids took a walk (4-0), CR7 almost scored the goal of the year. Some players would have secured the shot, but tried the impossible. 
On a center deposited on him, coming from the left, Cristiano Ronaldo ended up with a dead balloon coming on him. The number 7 of the Casa Blanca could have quietly controlled the leather, and punish the opposing keeper. Or even store on one of his teammates in the surface. Of course not. The comandante of Real Madrid has tried to heal his stats more with a powerful scarf shot. In the end, it was a simple framed strike in the doorman’s gloves. At least he tried. If the fans enjoyed the attempt, some journalists saw a lack of respect.

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