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Cristiano Ronaldo insulted Gareth Bale in the middle of the game!

Cristiano Ronaldo insulted Gareth Bale in the middle of the game because of a missed opportunity. The Portuguese is not at his test shot.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s milk soup character is well known to football fans. And the Portuguese did not steal his reputation again yesterday, during the victory of Real Madrid against Espanyol Barcelona 3 to 0. The incident, narrated by the Spanish television, occurred at the 71st minute of play. Left almost alone to the goal after an acceleration of which he has the secret, Gareth Bale “forgets” Ronaldo alone in the center and decides to shoot at the goal. Shot that will be repelled by the opposing keeper. It was then that the Spanish TV captured the reaction more than upset of Ronaldo who shouted “the p … that you bet!”, which can be translated into French by “the p … who gave you the world!”. This insult was shouted in the back of the Welshman who did not hear. Bale did not miss his game, but he scored a great kick yesterday. Gareth Bale is often taken away by his Portuguese teammate who does not hide his moods, and this no later than last week when the encore, Bale had been criticized by Ronaldo for having tried his luck while Karim Benzema was better placed. That day, Real had lost 2 goals to 1 in Valencia. 
Since his arrival at the Real, Gareth Bale does not necessarily have unanimity, at the level of the public but also at the level of his partners. Cristiano was particularly disappointed that Bale stole his record of the world’s most expensive transfer. Since then, relations between the two men seem more professional than friendly, although Carlo Ancelotti claims that the relationship between the two men is “very good”. CR7 is not at his test shot, already in 2013 he had been accused of insulting his coach José Mourinho after scoring a goal. More recently, it was Messi who was targeted by Cristiano Ronaldo because of his small size. Do you think Ronaldo should apologize?

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