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Cristiano Ronaldo: Impossible to approach!

Is the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronadlo afraid of something? It looks good. In order to preserve his safety, CR7 hired a bodyguard to scrutinize his actions.

Captain of the Portuguese selection, emblematic player of Real Madrid, and international celebrity, Cristiano Ronaldo makes logically jealous. In order to avoid any incident with its critics, the Merengue would have decided to hire a bodyguard. Nothing surprising if the latter accompanied him on the street or during his shopping sessions. But that is not the case. This person in charge of his safety is responsible for accompanying him on the lawn, at the end of his meetings. Ultra cautious what CR7, or paranoid?
Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans will now have a lot of trouble getting the Portuguese jersey at the end of one of his matches. Since the encounter of Liga against Almeria (1-4, success of the Madrid), the Real Madrid winger has appealed to a bodyguard who intervenes in the final whistle (see video above). Never seen him before. For his first appearance, the man has already illustrated himself with a reflex intervention worthy of the greatest combat films. Children or adults, you are warned: impossible to approach the star at the moment.

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