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Cristiano Ronaldo i par Marco Reus!

Although Cristiano Ronaldo’s style of play may seem inimitable, some try to look like CR7. The German midfielder Marco Reus gets there pretty well …

The challenge of the crossbar, the most foot among you know. The aim of the game is rather simple: to succeed in touching the said bar at the entrance of the surface. But you can add a little difficulty, either by pulling further, or by imitating the style of an unparalleled kick shooter. This is also the second option chosen by Marco Reus, adept of the Crossbar Challenge with his club Borussia Dortmund. The wing of the Schwarzgelben has, the time of a mini-game between teammates, copied the way of hitting Cristiano Ronaldo. 
The national player must have seen and revisited the goals of the Merengue on a free kick. Pronounced Expiration, shoulder movement, momentum stroke, kick shot … Marco Reus made CR7. True. The proof with this video above, where you can see it succeed this shot accurately. As a competitor, the star of Real Madrid could soon meet this challenge of German by video interposed. We will keep you informed if other such productions are uploaded by the major European clubs. And above all, if others try to reproduce the characteristic keystroke of the comandante.

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