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Cristiano Ronaldo: How much money does it touch per second?

It is common knowledge that the salary of Cristiano Ronaldo is astronomical but it is always amazing to see what this corresponds to every second.

Since he is in Real Madrid, the Portuguese is panicking the counters in terms of goals scored, he who is at 202 achievements in 179 appearances under the merengue jersey. This season, Cristiano Ronaldo, who won two new trophies, has already scored 25 goals in 14 matches! It is therefore not surprising to see the player being particularly pampered by his club, who had managed to snatch it from Manchester United for the sum of 96 million euros. Thus, CR7 is one of the world’s best paid football players, which prompted the Internet provider Blue Fire broadband to calculate how much touches the player every second. 
Even when he is not typing in a soccer ball, the number 7 Madrid harvest 2.08 euros per second! This is the sum corresponding to the salary paid to him by his club and to the income generated by his numerous advertising contracts. Cristiano Ronaldo, who does not dry praise on Carlo Ancelotti, is thus the best paid football player in the second before his rival of always Lionel Messi who culminates him at 1.68 euros every second. However, he is behind the boxer Floyd Mayweather who touches as to him 2.73 euros per second, which will not prevent him from sleeping Cristiano Ronaldo, who pockets very large monthly sums and which in addition justifies (even if everything is relative) each Season investments placed in it by scoring an impressive number of goals. Do you find these sums justified?

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