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Cristiano Ronaldo gives a little lesson to Lionel Messi!

After passing exams to five players from FC Barcelona including Lionel Messi, the Spanish anti-Doping Agency visited the men of Carlo Ancelotti. Cristiano Ronaldo was checked, but did not mention it on social networks. Him.

Lionel Messi might have had to turn his thumbs several times before posting statements about his recent anti-doping control, via Instagram. The Argentine international FC Barcelona, who had not enjoyed being the only one to carry out a blood and urinary test, had spread his surprise on social networks with a message not necessarily understood unanimously by his community. The four to the Catalans concerned with these exams had not mentioned it anywhere. On the side of Real Madrid, the merengues were also discreet, in the image of Cristiano Ronaldo.
Subjected exactly to the same tests as “La Pulga” a few days ago, “El Comandante CR7” controlled his emotions without ever mentioning this episode on social networks. One way to prove to the Argentine that he is not the only quality player targeted by the Spanish anti-Doping Agency. The journalists of the daily Marca, who regularly rank on the side of Real Madrid, have of course reserved some space in their columns to underline this comparison … The opposite would have clearly surprised us. 

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