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Cristiano Ronaldo called “Clown” by a reporter!

Winner of Cruz Azul in the semifinals of the World Club (4-0), Real Madrid managed to manage its meeting thanks to its stars. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo surprised some journalists by his attitude.

At the Club world, the merengues came with all their strengths. Carlo Ancelotti has indeed aligned his team type, with the only surprise Illarramendi, replacing Luka Modric, wounded. Faced with this Armada, Cruz Azul, who had managed to climb in the semi-finals, did not have the weapons (4-0). The Mexican opponents of Real Madrid have also fired only two times towards Casillas’s goals. On the other hand, the Casa Blanca showed all its talent, even if Cristiano Ronaldo did not score. CR7 will still have tried the impossible.
In the course of the meeting, the Portuguese international tried to score on a stroke of the scarf, in order to punctuate beautifully a centre coming from the left. Returning to this unexpected and surprising attempt, a Mexican journalist, Raul Orvananos, interviewed by the American channel Sky Sports called Cristiano a “clown”. He then apologized on Twitter. “To all the supporters of Real Madrid that I hurt by qualifying Cristiano Ronaldo as a clown, I apologize.” I think, however, that the attempt to blow the scarf of Cristiano Ronaldo can pass for a mockery against an opponent already led 3-0 ‘. 

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