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Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale confuse: The Welshman on the start?

Accused of wanting to make a solo difference on the grounds, Gareth Bale was able to count on the support of his coach at Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti. But the little quarrel between the Welsh and Cristiano Ronaldo could change his future.

Defeated by FC Valencia in Mestalla this weekend (2-1), Real Madrid is looking for leaders to this surprising defeat, which ended a period of invincibility of 22 encounters all competitions combined. Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema decided to point the finger at Gareth Bale, authoring a solo breakthrough that could have made fly with a little more altruism. However, Carlo Ancelotti did not want to go after his Welsh wingman, ensuring that the action did not allow a discount to the other two BBC players. On the lookout for the slightest drop in morale from the former Tottenham, Manchester United would like to take advantage of this misunderstanding in the Madrid locker room. 
According to the latest research done by the Spanish daily Marca, the leaders of the club’s would like to propose a juicy wrapping to the Merengue in order to obtain the contract of Gareth Bale. An offer of EUR 120 million is mentioned. However, this little quarrel between the members of the BBC would not motivate Carletto to separate from his twirling winger. “It is fundamental to us.” He will not move from here, he has already informed the Italian technician at a press conference. We’ll tell you more about this rumor over the next few weeks. 

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