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Ballon d’or 2014: Ronaldo, Zidane, Pogba … Cristiano Ronaldo does not lack support

This Monday 12 January will take place the delivery of the gold Ball 2014. Among the three finalists, Cristiano Ronaldo does not lack support. From Zidane to Pogba, anthology of the best statements in favor of CR7.

“To me, it’s going to be Cristiano Ronaldo.” It makes sense but it makes sense for everyone, right? These words, issued by Paul Pogba, seem to resonate with the majority of the players in the world of football. Even if Lionel Messi, entrusted by Fabregas, or Manuel Neuer, for whom Maradona votes, are part of the finalists of the prestigious ceremony, CR7 seems indeed to have gone to win his 3rd Gold Ball (the second in a row). “I think it will be very difficult to give it to someone other than Cristiano Ronaldo,” even admits Wayne Rooney. “For two, three years, it is just amazing and, in my opinion, he surpassed Lionel Messi as the best player in the world.” The ancient glory of Brazil, Ronaldo, also continues in this sense: My favorite was always and is still Lionel Messi, but he won no trophy this year. “So my vote would go to Cristiano Ronaldo.”
The Casa Blanca du Real has also mobilized in favour of Cristiano Ronaldo, whose statistics have once again been astounding. “The professionalism of Ronaldo makes the difference,” admits Zinédine Zidane. This year is clearly the Golden Ball. “I do not vote, but if I voted my voice would go for him.” The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, also continues to praise his top scorer: I do not think it is worth taking bets because in my opinion there is no doubt this year: Cristiano deserves the golden ball. “He has to win it because he plays very well.” Is he right, he is wrong, answer tonight! Do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo will win the Golden Ball?

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