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Lionel Messi: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Golden Ball, “It’s deserved”

Lionel Messi was a visionary. Or rather realistic. Without a title gleaned in 2014, the Argentine could not hope to make the weight with the charts of Cristiano Ronaldo, and his statistics crazy.

He warned his fans and the reporters. “I come only to attend the ceremony,” entrusted Lionel Messi, on the eve of the handing over of the gold Ball 2014. This lack of ambition was nothing to shock, as the Argentine lost points in the Sesame race in the last calendar year. Despite an exceptional accounting record for the Rosario native (48 goals, all competitions), his FC Barcelona club achieved a white season, and even the title of Vice-champion of the world acquired with Argentina could not suffice to convince the Majority of voters.
This has been a difficult year at the personal and collective level and I believe that the most remarkable thing is to have arrived in the world finals,” said the quadruple gold ball in the official UEFA media yesterday at the Kongresshaus in Zurich, Switzerland. Unfortunately we couldn’t win it. This year is now behind and now we have to think about the current. I hope we can win titles. It’s deserved for Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s been a great year. He took the opportunity to blur the rumor about his confusion with his coach Luis Enrique. “I have the same relationship with Luis Enrique as any other player in the dressing room: that of a coach to a player

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