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Getafe-Real Madrid 0-3, Ronaldo and Bale scorers

On the move on the lawn of Getafe, Real Madrid quietly imposed 3-0 thanks to a doubling of Cristiano Ronaldo and a goal of Gareth Bale.

It’s never easy to play at 12 pm … Real Madrid, author of the beginning of the shy game before raising the level in the second period, can testify. As part of the 19th day of La Liga, this “morning” schedule will not have prevented the Merengue from leaving with the three points of victory, on the occasion of their very short trip to the suburbs of Madrid, to Getafe. In the first half, Real plays quiet while Getafe, 15th, offers a balanced opposition, and in this midfield, Isco seems above the lot, obliging godina to take out the parade on a strike that took the direction of the Skylight (34th). A little later, it is the crossbar that clashes with the half-volley of Toni Kroos (44th).

It is well in the second period that the European champions in title will press the accelerator, with a Karim Benzema twirling on the front of the attack. The number 10 of the Blues will be illustrated, staggered on the left side of the surface, he will dribble by a little rake his vis-à-vis before serving in withdrawal Cristiano Ronaldo, which converts the offering (62nd)! The Real unlocks the situation and will even make the break in stride. On a counter to the Real (68th), James Rodriguez addresses a fleeing and tense center that dies on the outside of Gareth Bale’s foot, which simply touches it on the fly to deceive the porter of Getafe. The Colombian will be a decisive new time passer with a praline center that finds the unstoppable head of Cristiano Ronaldo (79th). The Real folds the match and is imposed 3-0, more than ever the leader of La Liga. Eliminated in the King’s Cup by Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid can now focus on La Liga and the Champions League Real will he finish Spanish champion this season?

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