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FIFA 15: Ronaldo Golden Ball, all his qualities in the game!

And 1, and 2 and 3 gold balloons for the mythical Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo! A player also outstanding on the virtual grass of FIFA 15.

At the beginning of 2015, all the planet football was in a boil for the gold ball of the past year. This FIFA Trophy is awarded every year to the best player of the past season. Just that. On January 12th, it was Cristiano Ronaldo, currently under the colors of Real Madrid, who was able to raise the coveted trophy! The Portuguese is definitely in the legend with this third Golden ball, after having already won it last year. As he himself said, he is a heel of Lionel Messi, who can always be proud of having been a gold ball 4 years in a row! Did you know that the son of Cristiano Ronaldo was a fan of … Leo Messi? A great rivalry between these two sacred monsters of the round ball. If you have relatively little hope of becoming yourself a golden ball one day, it is still possible to embody Ronaldo in FIFA 15.

True to its reputation of footbalistique simulation, and improving years in years, FIFA allows you to take the orders of a Ronaldo more true than nature. Like the original, this player is undoubtedly to place among the best of the EA game. First of all, it is an extremely versatile player, and that will never fail you. Very complete, Ronaldo is just as comfortable with the left foot as the right foot. A great added value that makes it possible to place at all blows devastating strikes. A true prodigy with his feet, Ronaldo also knows how to use his head. Indeed, its large size is a major asset when it comes to fetching the ball in height. And when he does not hit the ball, he manipulates her with a superhuman fluency and speed! In short, if Ronaldo is not yet in your dream team of FIFA 15, it is more than time to recruit him. And why not, to make him play with Messi. Find the most cheated FIFA 15 players on the Coca-Cola Zero Gaming Zone. What is your favorite player in FIFA 15?

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