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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: A competition that motivates?

The star of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo is often questioned about the rivalry he maintains with Lionel Messi. Apparently, this duel with the Argentine is a source of motivation for Portuguese.

Freshly Sacred Gold Balloon for the third time, Cristiano Ronaldo is invited in many media to talk about his titles and his crazy career. Recently, the captain of the Portuguese selection was invited to a French editorial to answer questions from several journalists. Among the subjects of conversations, there was of course his rivalry with the Argentine Lionel Messi. The Real Madrid player confessed that this relationship was good for him.
Yes, maybe Messi is participating in my motivation, like other players who are climbing your level because you work to be better than them, said CR7 during an interview granted to France Football. “Any competition is an additional motivational contribution.” Including the one that comes from other Championship players … I am sure that our competition also motivates him. It is good for him, it is good for me, and for other players who are growing up. Messi won four gold balloons, me three. All this is good for the football world.

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