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Cristiano Ronaldo must be punished according to Neymar

The Brazilian attraction of FC Barcelona Neymar hopes that Cristiano Ronaldo will not escape a sanction for his kick dealt at Edimar on the last day of Liga.

The star of FC Barcelona Neymar does not like too much controversy over the other teams, especially when the subject focuses on a direct competitor: Real Madrid. Interviewed during the presentation of a partnership between his club and the Brazilian company Baruel, the Prodigy of Santos still said a few words about the bad gesture of Cristiano Ronaldo on the player of Cordoba Edimar. Portuguese was also sanctioned by two suspension matches by the Liga competition Committee.
Acts like those of Cristiano can happen, but they must be punished,” said Ney before the sanction fell. “We, the attackers, are exposed to provocation, intimidation and sometimes we can no longer hold back.” But we are all exposed to these kinds of situations and sometimes we resist. Sometimes it is difficult also because there are provocations and it can happen as it happened with Zidane or even me. You have to keep your wits. But I don’t know how many matches he’s going to take. 

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