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Cristiano Ronaldo missed by Arsenal in 2003

Jorge Mendes, the agent of Cristiano Ronaldo reveals that his foal almost signed to Arsenal in 2003. The opportunity for us to recall the missed transfers by Arsène Wenger.

Arsène Wenger does not hide his admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo who has just won his third Golden Ball. The Arsenal coach knows what he’s talking about since he almost recruited the Portuguese in 2003, before he signed up for Manchester United. He is the agent of the player, Jorge Mendes who reveals the story in his book “The Key to Mendes”. He says, “there was a time when I really thought he would go to Arsenal.” But what made all this happen? The construction of the Emirates Stadium: “David Dein [the former owner of Arsenal editor] is an impressive person but, with the construction of their stadium, there was not much money left and it was not possible”. The main interested, Cristiano Ronaldo also referred to this abortive transfer, explaining how Mendes had asked him to “hide so that no one sees me” while they were travelling in London, in the Arsenal neighborhood. The Gunners almost recruited some of the best players in the world. ESPN had fun making the team-type of Arsenal’s missed transfers, in a computer graphics below.

We realize that with a little more luck, Arsenal could have become the best team in the world with notably Ibrahimovic, Messi, Makelele or even Kompany. Only everything did not happen as planned and instead, Arsenal recruited Bendtner, Arshavin and other Malick ch. Hard to swallow for the supporters of the Gunners who see these best players flourishing elsewhere than at home, especially on the side of Spain. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo who connects the records with Real has certainly made the right choice by signing up to Manchester United where his mentor Alex Ferguson helped him grow and become the player he is today. At Manchester United, Cristiano scored 118 goals in six seasons spent at Old Trafford. Do you think Ronaldo made a mistake in signing up to Manchester United?

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