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Cristiano Ronaldo is celebrating his 30th birthday today!

Cristiano Ronaldo is celebrating his 30th birthday today. The opportunity for us to pay tribute to this world-class attacker, who has been terrorizing Spanish defences for several seasons now.

Cristiano Ronaldo is thirty years old. Already. This information would give us almost a shot of old, so the talented Portuguese striker seems more than ever at the top of his art. But imagining CR7 much younger than it is, it would almost forget the ten seasons that have just elapsed on the planet football. Ten seasons during which the metronome of the attack literally terrorized the back-guards of whole Europe … He briefly made it on the side of Portugal, while evolving under the colors of Sporting Lisbon (31 matches, 5 goals). He then largely made it on the side of England, where his rebellious wick and his slicked hair made his legend on the side of Manchester United. After 291 matches and the Bagatelle of 118 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo, who could have been sanctioned 12 suspension matches after having cracked in front of Cordoba, signed to Real Madrid. His stats in England were excellent. They have curled the unreal since its signature in Spain.

288 goals in 277 matches. We do not speak to you here about the statistics of a handball player, but of those of Cristiano Ronaldo under the colors of Real Madrid. This number of goals gives the dizzy. You will have been able to (re) discover some of these pawns in the video above … Anyway, at 30 years old, and even if he missed the last two matches of Real Madrid due to suspension, Ronaldo is arguably the best player in the world right now. An inveterate worker, he worked very hard to get to the top. He just managed to do it. He still has to take a step with the Portuguese national team, a story to definitely become one of the best in history … The Euro 2016 in France is the dream scene if Cristiano Ronaldo, impossible to buy, is aiming for new exploits! What message would you like to pass on to Cristiano Ronaldo if you could?

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