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Cristiano Ronaldo: His son is a big fan of … Leo Messi!

Ronaldo was not the only big winner of the gold Ball ceremony on Monday in Zurich. Indeed, an unexpected person saw one of his dreams be realized. The son of CR7 met his idol. and behave yourself, this one should surprise you.

For the second time in a row, and the third time in his career, Cristiano Ronaldo won the prestigious Golden Ball rewarding the best footballer of the past year. If he entered the legend by gleaning his third trophy, the Portuguese did not cease to impress the past season, including a very large number of goals registered (59 goals in 50 games played) and especially the conquest, with his club of Real Madrid , the decimal, the tenth Champions League of the club. Then, proud of his father and the team for which he plays, one could expect that the son of CR7 is an unconditional fan of the exploits of the latter. But there is nothing!

Surprise! The fetish player of the son of Cristiano Ronaldo is no other than Lionel Messi; His father’s greatest rival. Opposite both on the ground and by the history of their respective clubs but also in the life and the media, both players are in perpetual competition. And obviously, it does not disturb the son of the Portuguese who stood up to greet the Barcelona player in the margins of the ceremony of the Golden Ball. CR7 justified his son explaining to his “adversary” the Why of how. In the video published by the team, we see him speaking to the Argentine: “He watched a video of us and he told me about you.” It remains to be seen for which of the two players the son of C. Ronaldo, who begins to play football, would have voted if he could.

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