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Cristiano Ronaldo criticized by Cruyff for his Golden ball!

For Johan Cruyff, the Golden Ball has nothing serious. The former star of FC Barcelona and the Netherlands felt that the fourth rite of Cristiano Ronaldo was “absurd”. It is explained.

Johan Cruyff is once again out of silence to hit the fingers of FIFA. And again, the former glory of FC Barcelona and the Oranje criticized the results of the Golden Ball, the flagship trophy of the largest football instance. According to him, Cristiano Ronaldo did not deserve to receive this title, and he would logically have had to be given to a player of the national, world Champion 2014. Already, in 2013, Cruyff was for Toni Kroos, winner of three major titles with Bayern Munich.
At the highest level, it is a question of combining the individual quality and the different competitions won, recalled Cruyff in the newspaper De Telegraaf. From this point of view, it is absurd that for the second consecutive year the player who received the trophy did not ally his excellent way of playing and the majority of the trophies corresponding to the competitions he took part in. In 2013, Bayern won all the competitions to which he took part, although Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Ball, instead of a player like Toni Kroos or any other. In 2014, Kroos was a key player for the team that won the World Cup, but he was not even among the last three candidates. Ronaldo was totally anonymous at the World Cup

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