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Cristiano Ronaldo: Could not buy it?

Discharging Clause set at EUR 1 billion. Price valued at 400 million euros. Cristiano Ronaldo is worth the gold, and it does not surprise anyone. But can a club really afford the Portuguese star?

Difficult, but not impossible for a club wealthy to pay the salary that currently touches Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. The 17 million euros of Portuguese income are not the biggest hurdles to be overcome to get hold of the CR7 contract. It would be mainly the transfer allowance, which would revolve around “EUR 400 million” according to the sports agent of the star, Jorge Mendes. Cristiano Ronaldo is in love with the city of Madrid and is very happy at Real Madrid. His career will end in Madrid, says the one who deals with the interests of the Merengue. 
On January 22, the very serious British study firm Deloitte listed the most fortunate football clubs on the planet. No surprise, Real is in the lead, for the tenth consecutive year, with its 549.5 million euros in revenues. In the top 5, we find Manchester United (518M), Bayern Munich (487.5 m), FC Barcelona (486.6 m) and PSG (474.1 m). If one of these teams wanted to pay the 2015 Gold Ball contract at a high price, it should almost fully reinvest its capital obtained in the past season. The financial managers simply could not afford it. .. Especially if the estimates are revised downwards.

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