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Cristiano Ronaldo: Controversy after his birthday party

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Birthday party organized a few hours after the humiliation against Atlético Madrid created the fury of some Real supporters who saw it as a disrespect.

Real Madrid suffered yesterday its biggest defeat of the season, 4 to 0 which is more against the great rival of Atlético Madrid. After such a disappointment, the supporters came back low head, wondering the whole evening how their team could have lost as well. Is it the same for the players? Apparently not. In any case not for Cristiano Ronaldo who still held to celebrate his 30 years in an evening organized for a few days. Today the pictures of the evening are released on the canvas and leave a bitter taste to the supporters. These images show James Rodriguez, Lukas Modric, Marcelo and of course CR7 in the process of having fun despite the humiliation suffered only a few hours before. The Portuguese even took the microphone to sing a little song while smiling in the company of Roldan. An attitude that does not pass to supporters who see this celebration as a lack of respect. So much so that some supporters would prepare a spicy welcome to its players from next week facing A Coruña at Bernabéu according to El Mundo Deportivo.
According to some Spanish newspapers, the Madrid leadership would have tried to have this party cancelled, in vain. Cristiano Ronaldo already knows a complicated beginning of the year, between his red card for a punch against Cordoba, his break with Irina Shayk plus this party … The Portuguese will have to redeem himself from his club and his fans and quickly find his best level. Anyway this celebration shows a little more the gap that can exist between the passionate supporters for whom their club is an integral part of their life, and some players who are partying 3 hours after a shipwreck in front of the rival club. Do you think this controversy is justified?

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