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Cristiano Ronaldo: At 30 years, still how many years at the top?

So Cristiano Ronaldo is thirty years old today. Is. What’s the difference, anyway? Not much, of course. But this passage in the Thirties underlines the fact that CR7 will not be eternal … How many years at the highest level does he have left?

Ah, the passage to the Thirties … Among footballers, and in field players in particular, the moment is always the most dreaded. Indeed, it usually marks the beginning of the end … If the counter examples are numerous (ask the exceptional at the PSG in 2014, at 32 years, or at Zend, author of a World Cup 2006 magic … at 34 years old, specialists will agree that the golden age of a football player is around 27-28 years … At 30, the players are supposed to arrive on the downward slope of their careers, to peacefully begin this slippage that will bring them most quietly from the world (or not) towards retirement. Anyway, to say that Cristiano Ronaldo is 30 years old today. And at thirty, we start to be old in football … Yet, strangely enough, one does not worry in the least about the future of CR7. And we tend to imagine that very beautiful years are still waiting for him.

Ronaldo is just an exceptional athlete. If he is rarely injured, it is because he works as a crazy in order to be able to chain the encounters to a very, very high level. This work culture will save him a physically painful future. His body will remain strong, very strong for at least two more years. We do not believe in the big wound for this physical monster that is CR7. So, at 32-33 years, Ronaldo will continue to put on goals like beads. Finally, the real decline will take place a few years later … or the day when CR7 decides to play at a lower level. If he goes to play in the United States, a dream he had recently confessed in an interview, he will do the show, but lose his level in this very low championship. This kind of choice would lead to its gradual disappearance of the surface of the planet football. If a golden retreat is offered, wherever it may be, Cristiano Ronaldo, impossible to buy for the majority of clubs, will lose its level. If he signs up for the PSG and has to rub his league defenses 1 every weekend, he will lose his level.

But if he stays in a very, very big championship and continues to work as a crazy to stay at the top (there is no doubt that this will be the case), it will still and always count on Cristiano Ronaldo. In the light of his athletic posture, we can count on him up to 34 years, at least. This means that we have at least four years of chaloupés dribbling, supersonic strikes, improbable goals, “calmaaaa” and other pranks that make Ronaldo one of the most charismatic players at the moment. One, or even two gold balloons could come in addition to its hands during this period of time … If international successes with Portugal seem somewhat difficult to achieve for CR7, the Lusitanian will stay at the top in the next few years. The crossing of the Thirties will not change anything. Those who can no longer bear it deplore it. We are quite happy about that already.

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