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Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) mocked by Thomas Müller (Bayern Munich)

Cristiano Ronaldo has many qualities, does not prevent that the player of Real Madrid is often the object of mockery. This video shows that Thomas Müller is paying the head of the last Golden Ball.

Following their offensive festival in front of Hamburg (win 8-0), Bayern Munich players-and more particularly the attacking midfielder Thomas Müller-seem to have regained the smile and their playful mood. This is at least what this short video suggests in which the German international is openly mocked by Cristiano Ronaldo, recently insulted by the Barca supporters. While they were in full training before they left for Donetsk, Müller provoked the laughter of his partners (and journalists present on site) imitating the star of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, and especially his tendency to overplay his dribbles.

So obviously, nothing really bad. We would find it almost funny and at the edge of the homage. Yes because Cristiano Ronaldo has good qualities, it is simple enough to make fun of this “addicted goals”-Dixit Toni Kroos, whether by his celebration, his hairstyle or other … That said, some people see through this “little tackle”, a frustration on the part of the Bavarian eliminated the past season of the Champions League against the Real Madrid of CR7, author of a double in this memorable semi-final.

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