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Cristiano Ronaldo is never “sad” after Pepe

It was a golden chance for him to revive, and he seized it. Cristiano Ronaldo came back on the front of the world stage after weeks of scarcity. Apparently he was not disturbed during that period.

We thought he was disturbed, or in doubt. But not at all. Cristiano Ronaldo knew he was going to end up scoring again, and he took the opportunity to do it in the Champions League last night in the eighth final go, facing Schalke 04 (0-2). The Portuguese international of Real Madrid also illustrated itself by offering a goal ball to Marcelo, who then cleaned the left skylight of Wellenreuther, Porter of the Gelsenkirchen club. The CR7 period is over.
I have never seen Cristiano sad,” supported Pepe, teammate of Cristiano in Portuguese selection and at the Casa Blanca, in the mixed area of the Veltins-Arena last night. “It’s normal that when he scores 60 goals per season and he spends three or four weeks without scoring that people are starting to speculate on his form state.” But I see the work he does to help his teammates. He scored today, but he works all the time. The star Lusitanian had not celebrated a goal since January 18, during a trip to Getafe, on behalf of the 19th day of Liga (0-3, doubled by CR7).

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