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Cristiano Ronaldo is “back” according to Ancelotti!

Very pleased with the delivery of his players against Schalke 04 last night, Carlo Ancelotti has zoomed in on the return in the form of Cristiano Ronaldo. Here are the latest statements from the Real Madrid coach.

After spending several weeks without celebrating the slightest goal, Cristiano Ronaldo relaunched against Schalke 04, last night, in the final round of the Champions League. The Portuguese international of Real Madrid crucified the young German porter Wellenreuther with a ball of the head to open the mark, before making a decisive pass for Marcelo at the end of the meeting (0-2). The Italian tactician of the Merengue Carlo Ancelotti had therefore a smile at the post-match press conference. Way of speaking, since the technician rarely shows his feelings … 
I’m happy with the game, it’s not easy after what happened in La Liga.” “Everything went well,” said PSG’s former coach in front of the journalists in the Veltins-Arena press room. “Schalke was behind from the beginning.” We didn’t need to have a very high game rate but rather to have control of the game. I think we started well, with good ideas and we tried to play on the sides. El Comandante no longer doubts according to Carletto. “Ronaldo is back.” He scored, played well and made a decisive pass. A match like tonight was necessary. With this attitude, this good game. 

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