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Champions League 2015: Schalke 04-Real Madrid 0-2, Cristiano Ronaldo scorer and passer

On the move on the lawn of Schalke 04 on behalf of the final round of the Champions League 2015, Real Madrid quietly imposed on the score of 0-2. Cristiano Ronaldo was doubly decisive.

He knew he was expected and he responded. Cristiano Ronaldo signed his comeback tonight in the eighth final go opponent of the Germans from Schalke 04 to the Madrid. Yet the party seemed badly engaged to the teammates of the gold Ball 2014. For more than twenty minutes, Real Madrid was misleaded by the current 4th Bundesliga. Aptly qualified during the hen phase, the men of Roberto Di Matteo-winner of the Champions League with Chelsea in 2012-played in a totally uncomplexed way against the defending European champion, symbolised by this striking of Huntelaar (25 ‘) Well repelled by Casillas. Unfortunately, the former player of Real Madrid had just missed the opportunity to give his advantage because in the minute that followed, against the course of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo opened the score (26 ‘) and thus put an end to more than 4 hours and 59 minutes All competitions combined.

Revived in the game by this opening of the score, the players of Real Madrid finally take the play to their account and it took a little that Karim Benzema does not double the mark for the Merengues (31 ‘). The spell seems to take him down on the Germans because, in the aftermath, Huntelaar is forced to give up his place (injury). 1-0 at halftime and then it will be necessary to wait for the last quarter of an hour to see the match to be wrapped with this Platte strike on the Traverse of Casillas (74 ‘). But it is ultimately the leader of La Liga who will make the difference, once again through Cristiano Ronaldo. After having got rid of Uchida, the Portuguese shifted Marcelo, whose striking will end in the left skylight of Wellenreuther (79 ‘). A real gem on the part of the Brazilian side. The victory of Real Madrid is sealed. The supporters of the title continue their course without faults with 7 wins in 7 games and already have one foot in a quarter.

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