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Cristiano Ronaldo very upset after the defeat in the Clasico

Frustrated not to have taken advantage of the highlights of his team to double the bet during the Clasico, Cristiano Ronaldo could not contain his anger at the end of the meeting (2-1).

Head high, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the locker room of the Camp Nou a step decided at the final whistle of the last Clasico (2-1). Just like its supporters and the rest of the Madrid group, the Portuguese international was however clearly disappointed at the outcome of the encounter and the lack of realism of its Real Madrid. Angry, CR7 made a brief summary of the attitude of the Merengue following the victorious goal of Luis Suarez. For him, and as with many analysts, Casa Blanca did not want to believe it from that moment on. Except that the former Manchester United player didn’t really say it like that … Melty tells you more. Also know that for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, Spain almost made cardboard full, while England sank.

The presenters of a programme broadcast on the Spanish television channel Cuatro assured that the Portuguese had entrusted, by regaining the locker room to Benzema’s side: “We Got … above” (see video above). The Habs did not know what to answer. That the number 7 of Real Madrid reassures, their team still has 10 good reasons to hope to raise the title in La Liga this season. This is the number of days that still need to be made to try to catch up with the four points ahead of Barca, the leader in the ranking. 

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