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Cristiano Ronaldo under the pressure of Nike!

Interested in the clothing business for sport, Cristiano Ronaldo would like to develop his brand “CR7” to this sector. An idea that Nike, its OEM, does not appreciate at all.

No, Cristiano Ronaldo cannot really do what he wants. Even though his whopping salary allows him to realize most of his dreams, he apparently cannot be free to evolve his “CR7” garment brand. While the comandante of Real Madrid embarked on the sale of underwear, shirts and city shoes, he inquired to develop his offer to sports footwear. Nike, its OEM, would apparently be up to the niche. 

According to the latest information collected by the Catalan Sport newspaper, the Golden Ball 2014 would have been contacted by the sponsor of the Merengue player in order to put pressure on him. If he launches this line of competitive spikes, the contract with Nike that makes him 9 million euros each year will be broken. Cristiano Ronaldo would therefore have no choice but to give up his desire for business, under pain of seeing his emoluments seriously notched. We will tell you more about this Nike warning if other info is relayed by the Spanish press. 

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