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Cristiano Ronaldo mocked on YouTube

A Brazilian YouTube channel clearly paid for Cristiano Ronaldo’s head in one of his videos. The Portuguese, and its tempered character, have taken it for their rank.

The “Tomahawk” posture before each free kick. Its 180 ° after each goal. His personality on the edge of the megalomania. In addition to being a football star, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a personality that one notices. And this one also disturbs several journalists and fans of the world of the round ball. It was to them that the comedians of the Brazilian YouTube channel Desimpedidos wanted to make fun with a video sketch. The real life of the Portuguese of real Madrid is grossly summed up. Melty tells you more. Also know that the Brazilian right side Dani Alves would currently be in negotiations with the PSG leaders.

What could happen if Cristiano Ronaldo kept the same attitudes on the field as outside? In the video above, an actor tried the experiment by donning the tunic of the Casa Blanca, while strolling the streets of Sao Paulo. Seen from behind, the comedian is very good at blending into the character of Comandante, especially when he takes the whole place in the men’s room with his famous posture, legs spread out. Not sure CR7 appreciates this dose of humour.

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