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Cristiano Ronaldo defended by Sergio Ramos!

Whistled by a part of the audience of the Santiago Bernabeu this weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo does not understand why he falls on him. His teammate, and friend, Sergio Ramos, kept reminding who was CR7.

The fans are demanding, it’s not new. And yet, Cristiano Ronaldo seemed very surprised (and especially annoyed) when thousands of Merengue fans pushed Broncas in the spans of the Santiago Bernabeu, following a missed action by Real Madrid. The Portuguese international would even have asked its own audience to “go f ***”, after examining the images filmed by the Spanish television station Cuatro. The defender of Madrid Sergio Ramos has taken the cry-cry defense.

“Being Cristiano Ronaldo is complicated,” he said in the mixed zone of the stadium of Real Madrid, after the success acquired in front of Levante (2-0), this weekend. He has been at the highest level for several years. He knows himself better than anyone, he’s very competitive. He’s used to scoring 60 goals and when he branded 40, he’s not happy. He is not concerned that he did not score if Bale did so in stride. You have to value what it brings to the team and be optimistic. On Sunday, Cristiano can try to win back his audience at the Clasico. 

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