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Cristiano Ronaldo coming to trial?

The 30-year anniversary of Cristiano Ronaldo is still at the heart of the news in the Spanish and Portuguese media. According to journalists from the country of the Comandante, CR7 could soon seize justice.

He wanted a birthday with friends, in the presence of his family, and especially without journalists and without social networks. But unfortunately for him, Cristiano Ronaldo did not get this gift for his 30th birthday. After this celebration on the evening of the defeat against Atlético Madrid (4-0), CR7 had the bad surprise to see some clichés on Instagram, via the account of Kevin Roldan, the Colombian singer present at the evening. To protect his rights, the Real Madrid winger would like to appeal to justice. 

According to the latest research carried out by members of the drafting of Flashvidas, a Portuguese magazine, the master of the Portuguese selection might consider dragging Kevin Roldan to court. By disclosing these photos without the permission of the Merengue, the star has outlawed itself. We will tell you more about this case that is not ready to be completed. When Cri-Cree celebrates its 40 years, it will certainly be stricter about smartphones … 

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