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Real Madrid vs. Juventus: Cristiano Ronaldo has melted into tears after the encounter!

According to Deports Cuatro, Cristiano Ronaldo would have very, very badly experienced the elimination of Real Madrid in the Champions League. Back in the locker room after the meeting, he would have just melted into tears. Melty tells you more.

The Spanish media deports Cuatro has released a small bomb which, if proved, should not leave the microcosm of football indifferent. Obviously, the elimination of Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League has left big traces, and some players have taken it especially to heart. At the top of the list, the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who decided to no longer speak to the press. One has to be a superstar and have already won twice the cup with big ears, an elimination can be cruel, heartbreaking. If we believe it deports Cuatro, it has indeed been for CR7.
According to the Spanish media, Cristiano Ronaldo soon left his partners after the defeat of Real Madrid against Juventus. While his teammates stayed on the lawn to applaud the audience and congratulate the Bianconeri players, CR7 returned to the locker room very quickly, and just cracked since he started crying. Mad with rage and sad following this cruel elimination, he would have thus melted into tears! According to Deports Cuatro, his teammates found a CR7 shot when they returned to the locker room. Casillas, who could leave the club in the same way as Ronaldo, as well as Sergio Ramos, then Carlo Ancelotti have then taken the floor and tried to raise the morale of a completely unfulfilled locker room. We knew the Portuguese thirsty for records and victories. It was not thought, however, that the defacts could hold him so much at heart … What do you think of the reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo?

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