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Cristiano Ronaldo would have cheated Irina Shayk several times!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk split up a few months ago. Indeed, the golden Ball would have deceived its beautiful and more than once! Find out what happened on Melty!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk, it’s over! The first rumours, on a potential rupture between the two stars, began to appear, when the pretty Russian did not attend the ceremony of the handover of the golden Ball to CR7, which moreover, did not address her one word, in his speech of thanks. These statements amplified when Irina would have chosen not to follow the footballer, on social networks and one can understand why, when we know that Cristiano would have gone to see elsewhere on many occasions! It is a source close to the young woman, who made shocking revelations, to the British magazine The Sun. “For a long time she trusted her, but she felt betrayed by Cristiano Ronaldo.” When she saw messages from women on her phone, she asked him directly what it meant. But Cristiano denied, “she confided, before adding:”

“After a little while, he ended up admitting.” It is for this reason that the beauty would have left her. A rupture that is not so serious, according to the young man’s sister, Elma. “Cristiano Ronaldo is fine, with or without a woman at his side.” He’s happy. This separation was like that of any other couple. It’s over and it’s like that. “Now we’re moving forward,” she said. If the Golden Ball takes full advantage of his celibacy, the same goes for Irina Shayk, who was seen flirting with Justin Bieber at Coachella. Do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo was unfaithful to Irina Shayk?

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