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Cristiano Ronaldo Incredibly generous with the children of Nepal!

Cristiano Ronaldo made an exceptional donation to the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal. The amount is staggering, and will certainly surprise those who saw in CR7 only a spoiled child full of his person.

Footballers earn a fortune, it’s an unbeatable secret. Sometimes they give an unreckoned: It is also a reality, and when that happens, it must be emphasized as well. The earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th has upset the whole world. More than 8 000 people lost their lives there, and to say that this tragedy shook the planet would be a mild euphemism. Cristiano Ronaldo, holder of a new record in La Liga, seems to have been particularly sensitive to this event: He made an incredible donation in favor of the children stricken by this terrible event. If he has called for donations on social networks, it is mainly his offering that shows how generous the Portuguese can be. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has actually offered 7 million euros to the children of Nepal, according to our colleagues in SoFoot. An incredible amount that he gave to the Save the Children Association, and which will clearly gild his coat of arms in the eyes of all those who saw him as a narcissistic selfish. Cristiano Ronaldo thus bluffed the planet football and far beyond with this extremely generous gesture, which had already garnered nearly 1.5 million euros for the children of Gaza. Skeptics will say that it remains a drop of water in the light of CR7 ‘s salary, and that the most valuable heroes are those who carry out their exploits in the shadows. But this amount is so high and the act so positive that we can still only applaud the gait of Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently chambered Odegaard in training. What do you think of this gift?

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