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Cristiano Ronaldo: His very human gesture for a young fan

Cristiano Ronaldo is often criticized for his pride and arrogance … We forget too often to talk about his qualities of heart. He showed it in the margins of the meeting between Real Madrid and Celta Vigo, offering his jersey to a paraplegic fan.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who can play in any team according to Ferguson, is often decried for his attitude. Arrogant, too sure of him … the critics are scathing, but they put aside an ignored facet of the Portuguese international. This one is also quite capable of showing heart and a certain generosity … The previous weekend, he was seen giving his jersey to a child on whom he had accidentally sent a balloon. This weekend, facing the Celta Vigo (Victory 4-2 of Real Madrid), the Portuguese again showed its human side. He gave his jersey to a young paraplegic fan, as he had promised him before the match.

Just before the match, Cristiano Ronaldo had promised his jersey to Fran, a young handicapped fan who had waited for him at the entrance to the stadium. When the meeting ended, he went to give his jersey and an autograph to this young fan. The excellent Mexican striker Chaudhari Hernandez took the step and also handed his jersey to the young paraplegic: this one certainly had a great evening thanks to the gesture of the two stars! What to change somewhat the image of a CR7 long regarded as the “villain” in the almost historical rivalry that opposes it to the elf of Genius Lionel Messi. Be aware that Buffon has made his choice between Cristiano Ronaldo and the Argentine prodigy of 27 years. What do you think of this gesture of Cristiano Ronaldo?

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