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Cristiano Ronaldo: Always more records!

Author of a fivefold today in front of Granada, Cristiano Ronaldo equalled the record of triplets held by Lionel Messi and is closer to the title of best scorer of history in La Liga.

This Easter Sunday is to be marked with a white stone for Cristiano Ronaldo who literally blew up the defense of Granada. Five goals. Yes, CR7 has scored 5 goals for Real Madrid which won the 9-1 meeting. It was Gareth Bale who opened the ball, followed by Critsiano Ronaldo who scored a hat shot in exactly 8 minutes (so he became the stranger who scored the fastest triplet of Real Madrid). A new goal of the Portuguese, a double of Benzema and a goal against his side will come to seal the fate of the match, before a final realization of Cristiano Ronaldo in the 88th minute which allows him to register a fivefold in this incredible match. At the end of this match, place the calculations. With this triplet, (his 24th) Cristiano Ronaldo equals the records of the hat shots held by Léo Messi. There are still 4 triplets to Ronaldo to match the record of the genus, a certain Alfredo Di Stefano.
With this fivefold Cristiano Ronaldo who has been mocked on Youtube now totals 213 goals in 191 Liga encounters and ranks eighth in the ranking of all the best scorers in the Spanish championship, just behind Quini (Spanish scorer of the 70-80 years) and its 219 goals. It is a good bet that Cristiano will move very quickly to 7th place. It is Lionel Messi who holds this record with 275 achievements in 305 matches, a record that will surely be very difficult to beat even for Cristiano. However the latter is the leader in the ranking of Pichichi of the season with 36 goals registered against 32 for the Argentine. Do you think CR7 will beat Messi’s record?

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